Removing "Download" button in HTML5 video playback in Storyline 2


I have just realised that when our Storyline2 productions are viewed in HTML5-mode the video has a button for "download video" (see attached image). I really really need to remove this since we regularly release e-learnings with sensitive material that is not to be downloaded by the trainees viewing the e-learning.

I cannot find any settings that control if this button is visible or not. Does anyone know if it's possible to turn this off, and if so where do I do that?


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Jonathan  Olsson

Hi Phil,

Yes, the video is embedded in Storyline.

Yes, i think you might be right, that button is not present when the course is viewed in Internet Explorer or Firefox, Only in Chrome (Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit)) but I have specific download plugin enabled. I googled it now and It seems that there is specific code that needs to be added in the html5-video-tag to remove the downloadbutton - so I guess that is something that needs to be developed into storyrline by the Storyline crew... I found the info here:

Do I need to send a development request or is this in the works already?





Alice May Flather

Hi Jonathan, 

I am actually needing a fix for this as well as we really don't want people to be able to download our videos outside of the LMS! Do you happen to know how to add the code to the html5 video tag? I'm not super savvy when it comes to coding. Even if it's a resource you can point me to would be helpful.

Alice May


Just had to pitch in that I got here searching google for "why does articulate player come with download button" even though I guessed it was those google boys's fault! This is so frustrating after investing in Articulate. Now we can't use it.

Its a nightmare. We have to go the vidcaster -type route and hold off on the interactivity piece as this is an absolute no no for videos being sold for hundreds and thousands! Anyone found a better workaround to this?