Removing items from menu in Storyline 360

I have removed slides from my menu so only the scene titles are listed, however the navigation isn't working as expected.  In preview mode (and in Review 360) I can click the scene titles to progress to the next scene but when I go back, click on a previously played scene, it doesn't restart the scene I clicked on.  Instead it plays other scenes. I can't identify the logic of what it's playing.... possibly it's just playing each slide going forward.  Please advise, thanks.

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Ron Price

Hello Katie

Scenes are actually a unique item with unique behaviors in the menu.  The basic understanding is that a scene is only a navigational link in the menu when it has children nested within it in the menu.  Leaving one child in each scene would solve the issue for you.  However, if you really only want the parents to be seen in the menu, you can edit the menu view by deleting the scenes in the menu (while keeping the children), then re-naming the first slide of each scene in your menu as the name of your scene. It will look like a scene or section title in the menu, but since it is a slide, it is a clickable item for navigation.

I hope that helps.