Removing "Jump to next slide when timeline ends" trigger globally?

Is there a way to remove the default trigger "Jump to next slide when the timeline ends" from ALL of the slides in my Storyline project?  My client wants output that plays on Flash, HTML5--both Safari browser and Articulate Mobile Player.  I know that Safari requires user interaction to trigger the voiceover file for each slide, so since I can't guarantee learners will use the recommended Articulate Mobile Player, I was thinking of removing the timeline jump trigger from all slides, so that clicking Next will be the de facto audio trigger for each slide.

I looked on the slide master, but don't see that default trigger listed there, and couldn't find any posts on this question.  If anyone can let me know if this is possible, and if it is, how to do it, I'd greatly appreciate it. 


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Andrew Sellon

Hey, Bruce!  Thanks for the suggestion.  It turns out that when you select multiple slides, you can't do anything in the trigger window, BUT you can make a change in the Slide Properties in the lower pane, including whether the slides advance automatically, or "by user"--which is exactly the option I wanted.  The Slide Properties pane also offers the option to choose whether to show the navigation buttons, player defaults, and also whether or not to reset to the slides initial state on a revisit, which will also come in very handy as I do want a reset.  So while your suggestion didn't quite do the trick, it led me to exactly the right place to find what I needed.  So thanks!