Removing Landing Page in HTML5 Published Courses

May 23, 2012

Hello. Do you know if there is an option to remove the landing page that is automatically added before every published HTML5 course?

We would like to remove this for 2 reasons:

 * Not needed as we provide a course description in the page that serves and links to this content. 

 * This landing page is preventing users on iPod Touch/iPhones from being able to see the blue Play button. It only displays the course image. (You have to tilt the device horizontally in order to see the Play button. Once the course is engaged after hitting play, everything else functions fine.

We currently do not have a need to leverage the Articulate Player app - we are producing courses for consumption purely in iOS Safari.

Thanks all.


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Joe Davis

Thanks for the insights. Is anyone else have troubles viewing any Storyline course on an iPhone/iPod Touch? We cant get past this initial landing page when viewing with the device upright (as the play button is not visible; the course thumb fills the screen). We can tilt the device horizontally however to fully uncover the Play button but this isn't ideal. Any others experiencing this on these devices?

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