Removing or hiding title in player for one slide

Is there a way to remove or hide the title from the Storyline player for one slide? I don't want to see the course title on the first slide of a short course. I'm building about 30 short courses, and each will have a title slide, so having the course title removed or hidden on only the title slides, but visible on all other slides is necessary.

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John Blum

I do the "down and dirty route" for a lot of the custom animations I create. However, the title which is the .story filename, is specified in the player, and not in the slide master or slides, and appears above the slide area in the player. So how do I get a white box to appear in that area?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

If you're referring to the overall title of your course, there is not a way to only display it on one slide using the built in player. You may want to investigate using the Storyline SDK to create your own custom player.

If you're looking at removing individual slide titles within the player menu, you can modify the menu as described here.

Hope that helps!