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Sep 12, 2014

Hi there

We're playing HTML5 storyline content in a custom app that gives the storyline player access to the FULL SCREEN of the ipad. We haven't been able to figure out how to scale our content, which has a story size of 1024X768, to take up the full ipad screen edge to edge. I've set all base player elements to 100% transparent. Is there any way to get my content to take up the full real estate of the ipad like an HTML website does? Is there a tweak that can be made to the HTML5 output, or the player.css file that will remove the player border completely and allow my content to make full use of the ipad screen?



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Emily Ruby

Hello Aaron, and welcome to Heroes!

When you are in your course, select the Player button from the Home tab. Then open the "other" tab and here you will see an option to change the player size.

Make this "Select player to fill browser window" and this should help. However, your custom app may be interfering with some of the custom elements within the player. We would suggest testing this published in HTML5 using Mobile Safari to see if it working as designed.

You can also look at this article about the optimal story size for iPad viewing.

Let us know if you need anything further.

Aaron Doxey


So, I've tried all combinations of those player settings to fill the browser window, but there is always a small 8-10 pixel border around our content. This is true when viewing in mobile safari and also in our custom app.When viewing our content in the Articulate mobile player, the content shows up properly, taking up the entire screen of the iPad.Any other ideas? Is there a modification that can be made to the player_compiled.js file possibly to remove the player border in HTML5?



Heinz Benninghoff

Hi Emily

I have encountered a similar problem with no regards to the mobile player on the ipad or any other device then using a normal pc. When I made all my base Base> properties to 100% and made my browser size and player  size equal to fill the screen and browser window and there are still a piece of the border on my project which were never a problem in storyline 1. Could you assist me with this issue because I need to send my project urgently please.



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