Removing stethoscopes from medical characters?

Hi, all! Our health care company has implemented a new policy prohibiting medical workers from wearing stethoscopes around their necks (for sanitary reasons). And I love using the illustrated characters and just convinced my people to let us use them. But this poses a big stumbling block! 

Just wondering if you guys are aware of this new trend, and if there's any chance these characters can or will be modified?? It would be pretty time-intensive to have to modify them all one by one, and pose by pose! And I'd be surprised if this isn't the practice for many health care practitioners going forward. 

Thanks in advance for any pointers! 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi LaRue,

I haven't heard much about this change in medical policies, but I will pass it along to our Content Library team. 

I spotted a few of the characters at the bottom who don't have stethoscopes, and I highlighted them here: 

Also, it looks like the majority of the photographic characters who are in lab coats or scrubs do not have a stethoscope. Could you use those for your courses instead of the illustrated characters? 

LaRue Martin

Yeah, as I mentioned in my original post, I had JUST made the case for the MODERN illustrated characters and got all our SMEs on board with using them! They thought the "classic ones" are "too cartoon-y."  So I'd really rather not use the photographic ones since I just told them all I feel the illustrated ones are more flexible, more effective, etc. LOL!