Removing the "always on top" for Storyline splash screen

Hi, guys ... I have very large Storyline projects and, since the Storyline logo / splash screen takes-over the screen (and can't be minimized or brought to back), I can't do anything during the several minutes it takes to load the Storyline development tool.

Can I remove the splash screen, minimize it, or bring other windows in front of it?  It really serves no utility for me to stare at a loading program in a multitasking operating system.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there Chris.  It sounds like because those larger files are taking some time to load, you're seeing the Storyline splash screen get in the way of the rest of your desktop functions.  My other desktop tools are still functional, but I can see how the splash screen hides some screen space when loading.

There isn't a way to change the loading behavior of Storyline currently, but let me shed light on your experience with my team.  Thanks for sharing!