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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Scott,

So, are you referring to the wording on the Correct and Incorrect layers? That is "Correct...That's right..." and "Incorrect...You did not select..."

I don't think that can be removed permanently, but you can of course edit and change it.

The other thing you could do is create a T/F question on a slide, remove the text, and save the slide as a template. Then import it into a SL course...or even just save it as a "slide" and import it as needed. Same for MC.

Not entirely sure what you're after, so please shout out with any questions.

Scott Elliott

Hi Rebecca,

I figured I wouldn't be able to explain correctly what I am trying to do!
Anyway, when the feedback text box pops up it contains either Correct or Incorrect.  I want to eliminate or change the verbiage.  See the attached pic with the word Correct - Change or eliminate the word.  I don't think it can be done.  I think it is hard-coded.

Thanks again.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Scott,

That's exactly what I thought you meant. And you CAN eliminate (or change) the text if you create a T/F question, delete the text in the layers, and then save it out as a .story.

Then, when you want to use it, import it into your lesson that you're working on.

I created one an attached it.

Please shout out with any questions.