Removing the player and the margins around it

I want to remove the player entirely so that the slide consumes the entire screen realestate.

I turned Menus & Controls to 'Off' and this removed the player.
However, there are still black margins on the right and left of the screen (see attached screenshot).

Is there a way to get rid of them?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Amos,

Although I don't believe that you can remove the player completely (as that is what is used to display your file), what can be done is to change the player background from dark to light. This may give you the result you are after. The following two images show the same menu slide previewed first with a dark background (as in your attached image) and secondly with a light background.

This won't make the slide take up the entire screen, but it may at least produce a neater result.

Hope this helps.

Tom Kuhlmann

The modern player is designed to respond to the device. As you scale up/down/sideways you'll see the player respond to fit. The slide content has a fixed aspect ratio which will scale up or down. This is what causes the player to show the top/bottom/sideways margins. 

Changing to the light option in the modern player is a good option. Another is to go with the classic player and make it transparent by editing the color of the player.