Removing the wide white space of text on the scrolling panel

Hi Heroes

When I publish my story in the Preview mode, the text spacing in the transcript layer looks just right. However, when I publish it for CD, Web, etc., the spacing becomes very wide, especially after the last line of the paragraph. This gives off the impression that there are more text further down when scrolling down. How do I reduce the spacing? Or is this a default?

Thank you!

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Nicole Legault

Hi Megan!

If you play around with exactly where the scroll bar is placed, and the text field within it (the text that says "Complete the blank, then click Confirm") you can reduce the space at the bottom of the screen. This is how it looks in Storyline when I arrange the objects on the slide:

This is how it looks when I preview:

I think thats as close as it can get. Hope that helps :)