removing unwanted audio from screencast

May 14, 2014

I recorded a simulation and, unknowingly, had the audio recording. I brought the screen capture in as step by step and now realize that even though the sound doesn't play, it is still in the screen recording action file.

My file is HUGE--over 500 meg! Is there any way to remove the unwanted audio from the file?

I see instructions thorughout elearning heros say:

Note:  When inserting a screen recording as step-by-step slides, any audio that you recorded with the screencast will not be used.  Step-by-step slides display only the action-related clips of your original screencast.  As a result, the recorded audio would not match up to the individual slides if it were included.  Your audio will still be available in your original screen recording in case you also want to insert it as a video on a single slide.

I didn't realize this meant that the audio would be in the step by step even though it doesn't play. What can I do to make my file smaller?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca,

The audio still exists within the original recording in case you ever choose to reinsert it or need access to it. If you don't want it to clog up your overall file - what about copying out those slides into a new  Storyline file? Just be sure that all the triggers and elements transfer over - as copy paste can be a bit finicky in Storyline. The normal import process would likely carry over the original recording in case you needed to reinsert it - so try it with the copy paste to see how it behaves. 

rebecca britt

I tried the copy/paste and it didn't work. They still have audio and immediately bloat the new file.

Other than remembering to mute my audio (which it usually is, so I didn't even consider that it would have audio) is there anything else I can do in the future to prevent this? Can I export the screen capture into an audio program and strip out the audio? With Captivate, there is a way to access the raw files to easily edit screens and I don't see a way to do that in Storyline.

I really love the program, but being able to open an image and alter text (blur/change SS#) would be a HUGE plus.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca,

You can export out the original screen recording as an MP4 to strip out the audio, but when you reimport it into Storyline it won't be the screen recording format which would allow you to set it up as a step by step slide. You could also use a second instance of Storyline to record the original screen recording step by step slides to recapture them without audio - but you may need to then set up the "click" triggers again. 

In regards to the image and hiding sensitive information, there are a few ways detailed here on how to hide the sensitive information in a screen recording. 

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