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Aug 17, 2018

In a course (build in AS2) i created a quiz with multiple slide with 'pick-on'-interactions.

On the result slide, i created a buton with the 'print result' interaction.
Works fine, but on printable result al the questions are named 'pick-one 1', the name of the interaction on all slides.

I want to rename the interactions, but i cant figure out how to.

Hope someone can help!

Kind Regards!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Erica.  On your freeform question slides, you'll want to be sure you are using a layout that has a "question title" text box.  That text box is what is used to identify that question, and when it doesn't exist, you'll see the interaction type as the default description.

Try this method to get your question text/title reported.  Tip:  You can move that text box off the slide and out of sight, and it will still report the title!

ASVZ Talentontwikkeling

Hi Crystal. Thanks!! works great, and verry easy. 

Can you tell me if it is correct that the 'print result' interaction only works in Firefox? 

In Firefox, the browser opens a new screen with i can print, or just read.
In Chrome & Edge the button does nothing.
In IE11, the browser opens a new screen, but it stays empty.

Kind regards!

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