Rename Motion Paths

So I'm working with motion path's for the first time and they are pretty neat, I feel like they could use a bit more functionality (scale and rotation tweening in addition to position), but for the most part I'm pretty satisfied with them. I'm working on a complex interaction that uses a load of potential motion paths, which are all triggered based on certain conditions, I find that I'm getting lost and forgetting which motion path relates to which object and destination, it would be nice to be able to rename them (unless you can and i'm missing it).

This way I could name them like Drag1ToDrop1 and Drag2ToDrop1 and so on and so on.


To answer the inevitable question as to why i'm doing a drag and drop this way, our course needs to 508 compliant, so we cant do traditional drag and drop exercises since there is no way to control it with the keyboard.

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