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Louise Lindop

Hi Michelle

When you add a text entry field the system automatically creates a variable associated with that text entry field. The default value of the variable is blank, therefore, even though you see "Type your text here" in the field when working in storyline, the field should be blank when you preview or publish it because the value of the associated variable is blank.

If you want the field to display "Type your name here" set the default value of the associated variable to "Type your name here" and this will display when you preview/publish. I have included an example which has two text entry fields in the attached .story file.

Hope this helps.


Michelle Buckland

I have another struggle.  I am trying my best to create a conversation.  I believe I have to create slide layers for the conversation to proceed.  I found a demonstration on YouTube; but, doesn't seem to explained in detail.  I am supposed to create a marker (arrow) in the corner of the base layer and then have it go from layer to layer for new grouped text boxes + image of the conversation to appear.  I am having trouble to make this work.  Your help would be greatly appreciated...