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Rod Machado

Greetings Leslie:

I did appreciate Ravindra's help here but I was actually looking for a way
to re"number" scenes. It's easy to rename them but renumbering requires
cutting and pasting and I suspect there must be an easier way to do this.
Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Rod Machado

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rob, 

There isn't an easy way to renumber scenes, as it's done automatically by Storyline. you can choose to not include the scene number in the menu - and then it'll only appear for you as the author in Story view. Here is also a good description on how the scenes are organized (it's for Storyline 1, but the same applies in Storyline 2). 

Also, just an FYI replying via email includes your signature here in the forums and you're welcome to edit the post to remove if you wish.