Renaming the Storyline Output Published File

Mar 16, 2017

I have published a storyline course and the folder received the typical "project title" - Storyline Output. My LMS administrators require that we rename the file to the LMS course code. If I rename the folder, the story will no longer open properly. It just keeps loading and displays a spinning circle. If I change the title to the course code when publishing, that is what is displayed in the player. Is there anyway the title in the player can be different from what the published folder is called? Example: Player displays "Happy Days" and the published folder is called TRN-XX-452? 

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Cynthia Malone

Yes, thank you for responding. I was curious to know if the story.html file could be changed to "any name.html" because I wanted to develop more than one project and host on a server other than an LMS. I later discovered that I was able to change the name of the story.html file as long as all the other files remained unchanged. I also realized after asking the question, that it would not have mattered since the output folders for each project were all different names, so the paths would be different anyway. Thank you again.


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