Renumber scene in a one scene project

Nov 07, 2012

I have a Storyline file that has one scene. The scene is automatically numbered "1". However, in the context of the course it will be included in, it will be "Lesson 2". I would like to use the automatic numbering feature in the menu, but the numbers don't make sense (i.e. "1.1 Lesson 2 Introduction"). Is there a way that I can renumber the scene so that it is "2" (without adding a scene before it) so the automatic numbering will work/make sense? I know that I can manually add the numbers to the menu, but the course will have multiple lessons (storyline files) in it and I don't have that much time to spend manually numbering the menu.

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Becky Lane

Unfortunately, no that isn't what I'm looking for. I've made a couple screen captures that will hopefully convey what I'm trying to do.

Below shows the Story View where I have my scene. The project only has this one scene. By default it is numbered "1" and "Lesson 2" is the title I've given it. What I would like to do would be to renumber it to be "2".

The reason I would like to renumber it to "2", is so the automatic numbering on the menu will match up with the lesson number (2).

I hope this helps!

Pharah Jean-Philippe

Hi All:

I understand how to reorder the scenes via linking and triggers, etc. That is not really the issue with numbering. What I need to do is change the scene numbers because when I publish to Word (as a storyboard to give to the stakeholders), it still follows the numerical order of the scenes that was a default, not the actual order that I've set (no matter what order I've arranged it to be in storyview).

Is there a way to simply change the number to reflect the actual order?