Renumber the scenes in STORYLINE 2

Nov 25, 2014

Is it possible to renumber the scenes without starting all over?

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Lewis Eigen

Another vote for a D&D option.

But what would be easier I think is to just be able to drag the scenes from right to left and left to right.  Then have one simple command to remember, and the computer can renumber scenes from 1 on the leftmost and go up from there to the right.  This would be MUCH LESS WORK and I think much less programming than dragging and dropping the contents of the scenes.  

Lewis Eigen

Thanks Ashley.  I knew that you can drag and drop in the Story View--we can even drag and drop multiple Slides. 

However, the objective is to renumber the scenes.

I have worked out a crude way to do that but it is more time consuming than it should be.  I will be posting my crude solution.


Lewis Eigen

I have developed a workaround to renumber the scenes in Storyline 360 that should work for Storyline 2 as well.  Here it is:

  1. Assume that we have 3 scenes A, B and C that are numbered in that order 1, 2 and 3.  Assume that we want to renumber so the order is C, A and then B.
  2. Create a NEW SCENE and it will be number 4.  That will be our "Holding Scene".  Delete the one default slide in Scene 4, the new Holding Scene.
  3. Move all the slides from A which is in Scene 1 to Scene 4.  You can do this by using "Control A" to select all the slides and just drag and drop them to Scene 4.
  4. Go to Scene 3 with the C slides.  Select all the slides and drag and drop them to Scene 1.  This leaves Scene 3 Blank but has the right contents for Scene 1 in the renumbering.  C is now in Scene 1which is what we want.
  5. Go to Scene 2 with the B slides.  Select all and drag and drop the B slides to Scene 3 which is where we want it to be.  This leaves Scene 2 empty.
  6. Now go to the Holding Scene -- Scene 4, which now contains A.  Select all the slides.  Drag and Drop them to Scene 2.
  7. Now the 3 scenes have been renumbered, but the Holding Scene is still there and empty.  Just delete it, and you are finished.

This method can easily be generalized to renumbering projects with 4 or more scenes.  The process is a classic mathematical problem and requires a single Holding Scene.  However, you really have to be thinking carefully if there are many scenes to renumber.  An easy way to make the process faster and less work with 5 or more scenes to renumber is to create TWO Holding Scenes or even THREE.

This works for any number of scenes, but the more scenes, the more moves you have to make.  Renumbering 2, 3 or 4 scenes is not too time consuming.  I can do 3 in less than 90 seconds.  4 took be just under 3 minutes.  But if you want to renumber 10 scenes, it could take 20-30 minutes.

This is the reason that we need a new Scene Renumbering Feature.





Lewis Eigen

Youy are right, but Articulate is not Microsoft or Google.  They have limited funds for improvement and new features,  They do a very good job of upgrading and adding new features for a company with modest resources,  They cannot do everything, and while I would like this added feature, there are others that are more important.  They obviously gather user feedback about what features are needed and they cannot do everything.  Articulate has an excellent set of products and features--the best around in my opinion.  While the cost is high, that money is needed if they are to make all the changes we want and maintain their terrific customer support.

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