Renumbering and reordering of slides in Storyview

Aug 24, 2013


I am having trouble with slide renumbering and reordering themselves in Storyview.  What am I doing that allows this to happen? How can I stop it?  Does it really matter - do I just reorder them?

If I have a Main scene with a slide that has a number of topics, can I insert buttons that link to other scenes?

In the other scenes then, do I just link the last slide of a scene back to the main scene using Next?

Is it better to have the Menu do this?  Both?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark, 

If it matters is something you'll have to determine for how you'd want your user to interact with it. In terms of the numbering, and triggers such as "jump to next slide" it will follow the path you have set up, not the numbers assigned to the slides. If you'd want to remove the numbers from your menu (a place where it could likely confuse your users) this tutorial has a section on that almost all the way at the end. 

In regards to your Main scene question, you can certainly set it up as you've described. You may also want to set up some variables so that when the user returns to the main scene, they see which sections they've already visited - possibly they're shaded differently, or have a check mark? If you have an example that you're working from, and can post it here, that can give the community a bit more to go on in terms of offering a suggestion. 

Kristin Shantz

Hey Mark,  here's some of my thoughts from a new user perspective   I also noticed that SL is a little picky about deleting, adding, reordering slides.  I couldn't quite pinpoint it, but I decided to get rid of the numbers like Ashley mentions above.  Manually moving the items up and down is not a bad way to go if you're off the beaten path and just can't quite get it back in line! :) I've done it before.

We do like to give our learners multiple options, so we've put a TOC slide in a course like you mention as well as allow the Menu in the player and prev/next buttons.   Check out how to use hyperlinks to go to slides here.

I've attached a storyline file (had to delete the company content, but the template is still there) with:

- Custom nav bar for an app-like interface (all links from the bar are in the slide master - you'll notice they are hyperlinks)

- Player Menu

- Slide with "custom tabs" and layers.

My favorite navigation package so far has been customizing my own tabs.  It also allows for interactivity as well.  There are tons of posts in the forums as well as blogs about it.  Check out tutorials here:  this for a tabbed approach (here too), and this for an app type nav bar

As you can see there are "dozens" of ways to go about navigation. :) Hope this feedback helps!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Dawn and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Glad that you were able to find this thread and hopefully it is able to assist you.

What version of Storyline are you utilizing? We have a new product within our Articulate 360 line to help with just this. Check out Articulate Review here.

If you're using a previous version, Nicole has a great blog post here with suggestions.

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