renumbering scenes in Storyline 2

Jun 23, 2015


Basic question, but it's bugging me that when I view in STORYVIEW, the scenes I have inserted are not lined up in the correct order. And some of them have the wrong numbers on them.


1  How can I renumber scenes?

2  How can I move scenes around so that they are visually in sequence on the storyboard?


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Cynthia Manika

I can't wait to hear this answer.  I have been creating extra scenes and moving things over to get them in the order I want.  Doing the same with dragging and dropping slides to get the numbers in order when I add a slide in the middle - mostly with branching.  Or I have to manually move in the menu list and not refresh unless I want to start again.  Hope there is a solution.

Cynthia Manika

Been there, if it is REALLY important to you... quickest solution type I use - create 7 new scenes - select all the slides per current scene and drag and drop them into the new scenes in the desired order - (hint - usually I can not get all the slides to go over all at once - so you may have to take a bunch at a time)  Once you have all the slides over - then delete the old 7 empty scenes and Viola - in order.  NOW HERE IS THE CATCH - check all "Next" triggers - if you had branching or any manually chosen slide numbers - many will revert back to "Next slide" so branching is off.

For future projects... I am very diligent about creating blank slides as placeholders for each scene needed as a first step so not to go through that mess again.  Now when a client adds a slide in the middle (I have loads of branching within scenes besides between scenes) - I do take the time to drag and drop all following numbered slides into place again to get that renumbering in order - otherwise you are manually adjusting the menu.  Fun times.  But I know no other solution.  Good Luck Cynthia

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