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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ejuana,

When you edit the titles for the scenes or slides in Story View, you won't be able to change the numbers. However, normally, when you drag and rearrange the slides in Story View, it should automatically update the numbers.

Are the numbers not showing up properly in Story View, or just the menu? If they're not showing up correctly in the menu, you can try resetting the menu. To do so, click on "Player" along the top, under the "Publish" section. Then, click on "Menu" under the "Data" section. Once this section is open, you'll see your menu as it would display to users. If the numbers aren't displaying properly here, click on the button on the very bottom right of this section for "Reset from story".

Here's what it'll look like:

Ejuana Mitchell

Hi Christine,

Thanks, I've done what you suggested, but the problem is the topics were not rearranged when I moved them, or I might have inserted a slide, but either way, they are not showing the numbers they should show to match how the branching is done in story view. The menu is just showing the numbers as it appear in story view. If the user expects the menu to show the topics sequentially, it will look that way but it won't work that way.

For example, I want the user to select the slide to learn about navigation before going to the slide with the specific topics. The branching works, but the Topics slide is showing 1.2, when it should show 1.4. Any other ideas?



David Tyler

I found a work around of sorts. I don't use scenes that much so I created some scenes then dropped the slides into scenes in the new order I wanted. It worked w/o much trouble. I didn't run into any trouble with this until I wanted users to be able to retake a quiz and it sent them to a wild slide at the end instead of the results slide. Of course my slide  numbers were all crazy. So scenes...it basically promotes them up a number...from 1.2 to 2.2 based on the number of the new scene you created. Just do them in order.