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Emily Ruby

Hi Kendra,

Thanks for sharing the file. The only way to change the numbers on each slide is to move them in order in Story view when the slides are set up with default jump to next slide triggers. However, in this scene, you are branching to several slide numbers from certain slides. example - Slide 3.4 is branching to 3.20, 3.5, 3.7, and 3.18, so those will line up next to each other.

The numbers will not be able to be changed by renaming the slides, as they will stay in the order in which you created the slides in story view. 

Hope this helps!

joanne k

Hi Emily and Kendra,

I just read this as I've run into the same exact issue, with the branching. Probably better story boarding in the future would alleviate the need for changing slides and adding them at the end...but that's a different discussion! Is it possible for this to be fixed with a future update? It is very tedious to delete the branching triggers, just to renumber some slides.

Do I need to submit a ticket or is there enough feedback on this issue to put it up to the powers that be???? Do you have any pull Emily?

joanne k


Go see my post further back. I've only had to deal with this once, but it was a big problem then. It would take awhile for me to recreate but basically, from what I recall from my post, I deleted my triggers, and was then able to renumber. I believe it involved cut and past scenes into a temp Storyline, and then repaste them, in order, into the real Storyline. Try that and PLEASE post your results here.

Heather Lofquist

I just did this by (saving first, in case it crashed!!) cutting the branches and pasting them into another scene, then pasting the branches back into the main scene in order and re-linking the triggers. I suppose I could've just as easily linked the trigger to an individual scene per branch, but I didn't.