Reordering slides in Story view

Aug 17, 2015

I have seen a few posts on reordering slides in Story view, but I'm not having any luck.  I have one scene, and the next and previous buttons are on the slide master.  The Previous buttons jumps to the previous slide, and the Next button to the next slide.

When using these Previous and Next buttons,  slides are jumped to according to the sequence in Story view, which is not the order I am interested in.

In Story view, when I drag a slide to the correct location and wait for the blue arrow to appear, the slide I am dragging returns to it's previous location.

I have also tried modifying the order in Player Properties --> Menu, but no luck.  I've also clicked the Reset from Story button, and all that did is jumble the order in the menu.

Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?  The file is attached.

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Walt Hamilton

After you drag them to where you want them, and they jump back, then preview the project.

They will stay in the same position in Story View, but will change their viewing order.

At least, that's what happens in SL2.  SL1 may be different.

Unless you add a trigger to a specific slide (like you did for your menu), story view is not going to change their position.

The menu has no relation to actual slide navigation (as you found out).

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael! Looks like Walt has popped in to assist you here, and the following is our documentation on this:

You can change the order of slides in the player menu for an Articulate Storyline course. However, it won't affect the actual order in which your slides display. Slide order is determined by the trigger assignment for the Next button.

Similarly, you can hide (remove) a slide from the player menu, but it'll still display in the published course at the appropriate time.

To learn more about editing the player menu, see this tutorial. To learn more about managing scenes and slides, see his tutorial.

Michael Schreiner

Thanks Walt and Leslie,

I've viewed both tutorials.  They are awesome!

If you look at the attachment, the user has a couple of options to navigate:

1. the custom built menu

2. by clicking the custom next and previous buttons (located on the slide master).

Leslie, you mentioned that... Slide order is determined by the trigger assignment for the Next button.

I am not sure how to set up the trigger assignment for my custom Next button (which is on the slide master).  The next button is just jumping to the next slide in Story view when the user clicks it. So, the button is doing as it is designed, but that order is not the correct order.

I tried Walt's suggestion, and dragged to reorder, and then viewed, but the order remained in the same sequence as found in Story view.

Amy additional help would be appreciated.


Walt Hamilton


I changed the order of the slide so they are in numerical order, and I am attaching it. I ran through the slides and the next and prev buttons work as expected.  I doubt that you will be able to read it, because your story came created in SL1, and I am using SL2.

I think I understand from your other thread that you are considering moving to SL, In that case I could recommend going to version 2. You can download it free for a 30-day trial.

Michael Schreiner

OK, I downloaded the file from Walt, opened it in Storyline 2, and the slides are still not in the correct order.

The order should be:

  1. C01P01
  2. C02P01
  3. C02P02
  4. C02P03
  5. C02P04
  6. C03P01
  7. C03P02
  8. C03P03

When I preview the course, the slides appear in the same order as they appear in Story View, which is not correct:

  1. C01P01
  2. C02P01
  3. C03P01
  4. C03P02
  5. C02P02
  6. C02P03
  7. C02P04
  8. C03P03

When I try to drag them to the correct order in Story View, they just snap back to their original location.

Any additional help would be much appreciated!

Walt Hamilton

I was guessing on the order. I drug them to the correct places, and they snapped back in Story View, but when I preview, and use the next button, they are in the right order. At least, I think they are, going by the titles in the player.

In story view, navigation triggers on the slides show up as arrows. These are on the master, so you don't see navigation arrows in slide view, except for those on the menu.

Michael Schreiner

Thanks for the help Walt, it is much appreciated.  The slides play in order now.  

I feel like this is a bug though.  Slides should play in the order displayed in Story View, and I should be able to drag slides in the order I want.  The only way I can really know what the learner experience will be is to preview the course.  This just produces a lot of opportunity for error.  All good to know when evaluating this software.

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