reorganize/renumber slides?

Apr 10, 2014

How do you reorganize/renumber existing slides?  for example, if Slide 1.2 should actually be Slide 1.4, how do you make this change?  The flow of the story is working fine, but the slides are in the wrong order on the left sidebar because they show in numerical order...Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Lisa Adams

Rehan Arshad - thank you for the response.  I am able to drag the slides and change their order, unfortunately that also changes the flow of the storyline and that doesn't need to change.   I probably should have used the word "rename" instead of "reorder" in my first post.  But I don't want to just rename the slide...the number associated with the slide is what needs to change.  Slide 1.2 would stay in the same place in the storyline, but would be renumbered as Slide 1.4

Thanks -


Sales Framework

Not sure if this is the same problem, but sometimes I forget to reset my menu in the player once I move around slides.

In the player settings, on the menu tab, there is a little button on the right that allows you to reset the menu based on the current slide positions. That should update your left-hand menu so that it shows in the right order. 

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