Reorganizing entries in the Player > Menu

Aug 04, 2017

I realize a neat trick to share !

When moving entries up and down the  Player > Menu > Properties, as the entry passes over other entries it causes them to "expend" (all the slides under are now listed). As I have 70 some entries each with a dozen slide this fills the menu panel and when an entry has to be moved many screens down, it has to be "dropped " temporarily, the menu scrolled, then the entry can be moved further. As far as i can see there is no way to expand that windoid over more then one screen. Of course the first step is to "collapse" all the entries!

Seem that to avoid the opening of all the "passed over" entries, one can simply move the entry laterally, outside the PLAYER property windoid, and then move up or down then return over the PLAYER property windoid and drop it.

Thus follow the green arrow path instead of the red arrow path

This saves a lot of time in not having to recollapse all the entries !

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