Repeat a quiz if score not obtained


I'm stuck in a quiz.
I need your help :)

I made a quiz that includes 8 questions.
With each good answer the learner has 1 point.
To validate the quiz the learner must get 4 points as a result.
As long as he did not get 4 points the quiz must reset, until the learner gets those 4 points.

I do not find the right variable :(
I have a variable that counts the number of points.

I've taken it into my head to say,

- Go to the slide: Question Bank, when the user clicks radio button 1, at the end of the timeline, if the variable is less than 4.

Unfortunately this does not work.

If one of you has an idea :)

Thank you very much.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi ZISKIND Dave, thanks for sharing your file!

I noticed the trigger you mentioned above was located on question slide 8. However, this may not be the last question the learner sees because the questions are shown in random order.

Instead, try using a Retry button on the Results slide failure layer "échec".

I made that change in your file and attached it here. Take a peek at this quick video that explains exactly what I changed!