Repeat Audio From Layers


I've attached  a slide which has 4 different layers each containing a different audio file. The audio layers are triggered when a user clicks on an object on the main slide.  This slide has worked aboslutely perfectly up unitl today!

Before today a user could click on any of the trigger oibjects on the main slide and the related audio file would play.  A user could click on the trigger objects as many times as they like and the audio layer would play each and every time without any problem. The user could click on the trigger and play the same audio unlimited times. 

However, this morning I downloaded an update from Articulate Storyline and all of a sudden this functionality doesn't work properly anymore. Now when you click on the trigger objects the audio plays the first time but doesn't play after that!

I don't know if it is the update that has done this or if I've done something to change the slide. I've checked and I can't see that I've changed anything on the slide.  I'd be grateful if someone could try the slide and let me know if it's me or the software!  

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Charles Zoffuto


It is certainly an odd issue. It really should be replaying those layers. I was able to fix it by changing the Layer Properties to Hide Slide Layer when timeline finishes as well as shortening the time line of each layer to be exactly the same length of the sound object.

I fixed two and left two for you to practice and compare with.