Repeat quiz questions/Manually end quiz

Feb 04, 2013

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

I am an ESL teacher. I want to create slides with audio clips. In each slide, the student will hear the audio clip then listen for a word. For example "WHERE did you go?" "WHO did you meet?" "HOW LONG did you stay there?"

After the student hears the audio clip, "WHERE" "WHO" "HOW LONG" buttons will show up and the student can choose which one is correct. I'll probably make a series of 30-50 slides.

(So far I can do all of this.)

What I can't do, or what I'm unsure if Storyline can do is:

I want quiz questions to continue until the user stops the quiz. I'd like the questions (slides) to repeat randomly and have Storyline remember the answer for each instance of the slide. So, even if there are only 30 slides, the user may hit the same slide 3 or 4 times (as many times as might randomly occur until the user stops the quiz). 

When the user stops the quiz (say they have visited the 30 slides a total of 85 times), it will show the quiz result as XX/85.

Is this possible?

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