Repeat zoom function

Hello everyone,

right now, I´m working on a project, where I need the zoom function.

I have a room plan, were the user should have the posibility to zoom in and than zoom out of different areas in the room plan. The zoom function is working very well for the first time the user clicks on the zoom area. But when the user clicks the same area again, the zoom function works, but not in the same way. It is a way faster than the first click at the same zoom area.

How can I make a zoom area, work the same way (eg. speed) like it is zooming for the first time?

I hope you understand my problem :/.

Thanks a lot!


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Alena -- Thanks for reaching out here! May I ask if you are finding the same behavior when you test your course in the intended environment or where it will ultimately be accessed as described here?

You may also want to check out the article on Three Great Uses for the Zoom Region Tool in Storyline. And this discussion on Can we make the Zooming effect in Storyline slower? may be of interest, as well. 

Vincent Scoma

Hi Anita,

Thank you for reaching out! 

To make sure I am on the same page, are you wanting to insert a Replay 360 video into a Storyline course and then apply a Zoom Region? If so, then yes there is a way to accomplish this. 

In order to insert the Replay 360 file into Storyline, you will need to publish the project as a video file (mp4). After that, you can insert the video from the Insert ribbon >> then clicking on  Video >> Video From File:

After the video has been added to the course, you can apply a Zoom Region to the video to provide a close-up view of a specific point. You can find more details on applying zoom regions here: 

Please let us know if you have any questions!