Repeat zoom function on numerous slides

Is there a way to use the zoom function to zoom into a certain area on one slide, then keep that zoomed area over the next few slides, and then zoom back out?

If I click on the zoom area, I can't copy it to another slide.

If I put all the screenshots on a single slide, there is only one mouse cursor, and I would need one for each screenshot.

If I create a blank slide with the zoom area and make 5 copies of that slide, I can't copy the mouse from the original slides.

Any ideas?

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Dace Akmene

I know this has been an old issue for you, but if use video then just add other layers with the desired shapes etc. You can create cue points on your timeline or just create a trigger that on a specific timeline point, another layer shows and then it will disappear. This was my best solution because for some course I stayed with the video and it was needed to have explaining captions going with the zoom :)

But in this case, you should hide video controls under the video because otherwise, it won't go the same as a timeline. To leave an option for the learner to go forward and backward in the video, you can show a timeline for them.

This could help others as well.