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May 29, 2013

I want to replace the player submit button with the player next button but still require questions to be answered before moving on to the next slide.  I went to the properties on the slide, for the slide navigation controls, I checked the Next box and unchecked the Submit box.  I then added a Trigger (Player Trigger) so that the Action is “Submit interaction”, Interaction is “Multiple Response”, when “User clicks”, Object “Next Button”.  The problem is I can’t get the slide to go to the next slide after the user picks an answer.  The rest of it is working.  If the user clicks the player Next button without selecting an answer, the box pops up with a message.  Close that box, and select an option and click the player Next button and nothing happens. 

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Greg,

Welcome to the community!

Perhaps you can upload the story, or at least that slide? I just tested this with multiple response and it's working fine for me.

If I choose an answer, it goes to the next slide. If I don't choose any answer, I see the "Invalid answer" prompt, click OK, choose an answer, click next, and move to the next slide.

If we can take a look, perhaps someone can see what's wrong.

Greg Schaffer

Hi Rebecca,

I hope it is something simple that I need to do.  Here is a sample file with the error.  Now I have a new error.  If the timeline finishes before I click something, I get a message box.  Take a look and let me know what I'm missing.

Thanks in adavnce for helping with this issue.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Greg,

I changed things up on your question slide (1.2). A trigger was set to hide the layer when the timeline starts. The new trigger:

Jumps to the next slide when the user clicks the next button.

Also, I wasn't sure if you intentionally removed the correct and incorrect layers, so I duplicated everything into a new scene with those layers intact.

Sorry to be delayed in my response...time gets away and emails get buried! Holler back if you have more questions.

Greg Schaffer

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  I missed the email that you had replied.

Thanks for the responses Brenda and Rebecca.  Brenda, that does work but not for me in this case, because I’m trying to replace the submit button in the player with the next button.

Yes, I did remove correct and incorrect layers on purpose.  The client didn’t want a feedback response to this question.

I’m learning to pay more attention to those triggers and what and when they are doing things.  Your file fixed my problems. 

How do I require that the question be answered before moving on?  Do I need to work with variables here and more triggers?

Greg Schaffer

I was too quick at responding.  I just noticed that with the scene without the correct and incorrect layers, I can move on to the next slide without answering my question.  In the scene with correct and incorrect layers, I can’t move on to the next slide without answering the question which is the result I’m looking for and want. 

So how do I remove the correct and incorrect layers but still require the user to answer the question before moving to the next slide? I don’t want to give the user feedback to the answer just require that they do answer before moving on to the next slide.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Greg,

Please see attached. All it required was adding conditions to the next button. Here's how:

  • I double-clicked the Jump to next slide trigger
  • The Trigger Wizard opened
  • I clicked "show conditions" and added 3 conditions that the
  •  "check blood sugar levels" button must be selected OR
    "Eat a healthy diet" button must be selected OR
    Lower blood pressure and Cholesterol" button must be selected

This means they aren't necessarily choosing all 3 - simply need to choose something. My understanding is that is what you want. Holler back, if not!

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