Replace video not working

Hello All,

I have a course where I have to replace a load of videos with updated versions of the same videos.  The old videos are called "video 1" for example, with the new ones being "video 1 (conv).

When I replace video it does not do the little graphic, it just keeps the old video.

When I delete the old video, then insert the new one it does not insert the new one it inserts the old one.

When I create a new slide (for error checking) and insert the new video it inserts the old video.

When I entirely delete the old video, then insert the new video, it somehow remembers the old video and inserts that instead.

Even if I completely change the filename, or even entirely change the video it always remembers the old video and inserts that.


All videos in MP4 format.  Using Storyline 360.  I am starting to go insane.  Please help.

Incidentally, if I create an entirely new storyline project and insert the new video it actually inserts the new video.  But I have no desire to create an entirely new project and have to copy across all slides just to fix what is clearly a Storyline error.  Plus it will take me about a week, and I haven't got a week spare.







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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

That certainly sounds out of the ordinary so before you look at having yourself committed to an institution - let's have our Support Team take a look, with your permission.

I opened a case for you, so you'll see a confirmation email shortly. That'll include a link where you can upload your .story file and a copy of the two MP4s for the team. They'll be able to test and will be in touch via email. Also, we'll delete all the files once we're done troubleshooting. 

Pete Brown

Hi there:

I've been experiencing this same issue all week, and here's how I've resolved it:

1) Made sure the .story file and all video files were saving locally. They technically were in a local folder, but it was a dropbox-synched folder, so I thought maybe that was an issue.

2) I deleted the old videos from the project, then I saved the project and closed Storyline 360.

3) I re-opened Storyline 360 and inserted the correct videos into each slide.

This only worked if I actually closed Storyline360 entirely, then reopened it.

Definitely time-consuming, but it got the job done.

Good luck!



Leslie Thurogood

Is there an alternative solution to this problem?

I have 15 videos (1 per slide) and using Edit and then Change Video worked for the first 4 slides - I then saved (incrementally so I don;t ever lose everything!) and since then Change does not seem to work!

The edit window appears and I can select the replacement video - which plays in the editor - but when I Save and Close the video is not replaced :-(

Leslie Thurogood


well not really solved but identified how to resolve

I had deleted the original videos and replaced them with the new videos and noticed my videos were called Scene1 through to Scene15 (although 1 to 4 were actuall Scene 1, Scene 2, etc)

I renamed the videos scene05, scene06, etc and Edit works as expected - I guess within the Edit code they check that if the filename is the same (source and filename) they assume that no action is required when you press Save and Close unless there has been an edit or the filename has changed??

Ren Gomez

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for sharing what you've discovered with trying to replace your videos. Sorry that's been causing extra work for you.

I tried to replicate by going to the Edit Video button and by right-clicking on the video and selecting Replace Video. Both times I was able to replace the video even though it had the same name. The only issue I noticed was the timeline didn't change even though the new video was shorter.

If you're still experiencing this issue and would like one of our support engineers to take a look, feel free to reach out and share your file with us so we can take a closer look into why this is happening!