Replacing Thumbnails of videos


I have a cvourse with several videos. Some of them begins with a frame in black so the thumbnail exported by Articulate is black.

In html5, I replace this images in the folder "mobile" with my own thumbs.

Is Flash, there's no such images (or i can't find them)

Is there any way to replace this images or, better, to tell wich is the frame you want Articulate exports as thumb


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Juanjo Haro

Hi, Ashley
The poster frame is what dessapears after half a second, and let see the video under with the black first frame. Thats only happens with the videos that i use the option of custom poster frame.

I send you the output, that thing not only happens on ipad but html5 loaded in chrome.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Juanjo,

Thanks for sharing the file here. When I looked at your video, the poster frame I saw was just a white box over the video - and I took the poster frame off, it didn't appear to look any differently so I'm not sure what isn't showing for you. Also, the poster frame is meant to disappear, as it's there to offer you a placeholder as you'll see described here and it gives you a starting screen. 

Juanjo Haro

Hi Ashley...
Yes that the thing i did. What you see is the first frame of the video, wich is white. The poster frame i've loaded with the option was the image you can see here. That image is what i see a second before it dissapears. I've tried to replace the file in the folder but it's still the same result.