Replay a layer


How can I replay a layer after the initial trigger.  For example, I have embedded a short video animation on the base layer, as well as, a text box labeled (Click Here to Play).  A second layer was created with arrows to highlight specific areas of interest during video animation. The "click here to play" is triggered to start the video and jump to the layer.  Initially, when the user clicks on the "click here to play" the video plays, as well as, the second layer highlighting the points of interest.  So all works as intended during the initial playback.  However, my challenge is getting the second layer to playback after the initial play. The user can "click here to play" and replay the video animation on the base layer, as many times, as necessary, but without the 2nd layer highlighting the points of interest.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Walt Hamilton

If you are interested in simple solutions and the first layer is doing what you want, put the arrows on the first layer. You can control when they appear and disappear by where they start and end on the timeline. If you have to have the second layer, there might be some ways to work around it.

William Fisher

Thank you for reply.  I took your recommendation and put the arrows on the base layer (same layer as video), and was able to make them appear and disappear.  However, I am now faced with the challenge of sync. the appearance and disappearance of the arrows with the video.  I am considering using Camtasia to embed the arrows and then import that MP4 into Storyline 2.

Any other thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.