Replay a layer's timeline?

Howdy, folks:

I'm trying to figure out how to replay a layer's timeline.  I'm building out a multi-layer scenario template with the following structure:

  • Layer 1: Challenge or problem is presented for the learner to solve.  Button triggers the next layer.
  • Layer 2: Commentary is offered by two "advisor" characters on possible options (offering varying interpretations of policy).  Button triggers next layer; replay button also available.
  • Layer 3: Path options appear.  
  • Layer 4:  Feedback for chosen path.  Button triggers slide jump based on option chosen.

I've hit a wall with how to do up the "replay" button on Layer 2 (in case folks want to review the "advisor" conversation).  I want to be able to do something like goToAndPlay(1) in Flash Actionscript -- essentially to jump to the beginning of the timeline of that layer only.  

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance...

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