Replay a slide with layers and/or ainmations without setting it to its initial state

Feb 12, 2020

I am working with another ISD that wants to include a course tracker that, I am told, requires all slides be set to remain in their resumed state.  This makes it hard, but I am hoping not impossible, to allow course participants to replay a slide or layers, if required (using a replay button).  I can replay audio on a slide without layers or animations, but can't find a solution for when layers or animations are involved.

Can you manually restart a timeline?  If not, can you use triggers to replay a layer's timeline or, at least, audio for multiple layers?  If no to both, any other ideas?


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Katie Riggio

Hey, Stephen. Happy to point you in the right direction!

Like Devlin, I'm also curious to know more about the Resume saved state part. Could you walk us through your scenario?

In the meantime, I found these related discussions that might help!

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