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Jun 11, 2012

Hi Everbody,

I have run into a small problem and would like to know if anyone else has figured this one out yet.

I am trying to put a buttonand trigger on the slide master (so I don't have to do it for each slide) that replays the slide that is/has just been viewed.

From what I can see there is no option to do a 'jump to slide - curent slide'. I know I could set 'jump to slide - and state the slide number manually' but I want this default for all slides and would be wasting a lot of time manually entering this in for ever slide when it should be something that can be placed on the master slide.


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Gerry Wasiluk

Well, in the interim, here's an option that might possibly be acceptable.  Don't think you can get it to work with just masters but it'd be quick and easy to set up in any project.   Lot easier and faster than adding a button with a trigger to itself and then copying the button to every slide and then editing the trigger.

Create a scene with just a blank slide.

On the blank slide, add a shape and move the shape off the canvas.

Have the shape appear on the timeline just after it starts.  Say .1 seconds (you have to edit the object timing to get that value).

Add a trigger to the shape that automatically moves to the previous slide when the timeline starts (for the object).

On one of your regular slides, create a button (title it Replay) that, when clicked, moves to the blank slide.

Copy this button to the rest of your slides.

In your player, make sure the scene with the blank slide does not appear in your menu.

On all your regular slides, be sure to set the revisiting to "Reset to initial state."  To do this en masse, go the Story View and by scene, select all your slides (CTRL-A) and set the revisiting there.  (Or I think you can already have this set in your master?)

James Brandwood

Seems I never got back to this.

Show layer/next slide can only be related to triggers on the slide it is made on. Therefore if you create a layer on the master slide it can't relate to the actual slide but you will see.

To get the 'replay' button to work I made a blank slide (which related to a blank master slide) and put one trigger on it stating 'jump to previous slide when the time line ends'. I then set the timeline to end at about half a second.

I then made a button on a layer on the Master slide that I was using for the content slides. You can just put the button on a content slide but putting it on the master means you only have to make it once. On that layer I put a button called replay that had the trigger 'jump to slide' and linked it to the blank slide i made earlier, which I had named 'replay jump slide'.

To avoid problems when zooming (which can put your cusom buttons off screen or huge if they are in the zoom region) I am now using a replay button from the player tabs.

Raj S

HI James,

yes you can do it in this way but there is bug.Are you using back button in your course? if yes then this wont work properly.replay will work fine but once you click on replay button  then click on the back button it will go back to "blank slide". so your back button function stuck over here.its keep on going to blank side and come to the same page again.

James Brandwood

Hi SinchuRaj,

You would think that would be the case and I am really not sure why but it isn't the way it works.

I use a 'Previous' button on the player controls, and a 'Previous' button from the player tabs (top right) and both when pressed actually jump to the previous content slide and not the 'replay jump slide' even if you have just pressed replay.

I know that since the trigger states 'jump to slide, previous slide' it should go to the replay jump slide but it doesn't, which I guess is a bug but a good bug.

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