Replay button

I have tried all the suggestions on the forum to create a "Replay" button for a (or all) slides in my lesson with no success. I have attached the first slide in this lesson with a replay button that when click triggers to re-load the slide but it does not function. In some cases I have additional layers and have had some success with those by hiding the layer and then showing the layer but I can not find a solution for a simple single layered slide that works. You would think a simple "replay" button would included in this authoring tool.

Any help?

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Mark Pinkston

OK shortcoming to this approach it replays entire timeline with animations it also resets button states to original state so I loose my visited state so this is not the solution I am looking for. Simply want to be able to replay the audio on any given layer BASE or INTERNAL. I do not show scrubber but even if I was willing to the replay on scrubber does not work