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Crystal Horn

Hello Alex!  Thanks for including the screenshots!  The seekbar is slightly different in the responsive player than in your desktop experience.  In portrait mode, the seekbar appears and allows for scrubbing, but the rewind button is no longer there.  These FAQs about the responsive player provide further detail!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alex, 

Checked in with our Product team to confirm the "why" just in case...and the rewind button was removed mainly due to space constraints. With the ease of dragging the seekbar on mobile we felt like this was an ok item to remove in the mobile responsive player. We'd love to hear more about how it was especially useful or important to your courses, as Articulate 360 is evolving regularly! 

Alex Arathoon

Thanks for getting back Ashley Terwilliger.

The main thing about the replay button is that it resets the slide to the initial state. By moving the slidebar back objects initially, shown/hidden remain as left. In 360, I would have to create a button to do this which is lousy. 

The replay button is small so I don't feel it would take up too much space. This is quite an unexpected loss and I would strongly urge it's return for SL3. 

Crystal Horn

That is the best reply I've seen today, Alex!  Haha, thank you.  My life is often full of fantasizing of far away lands.  Especially with the latest blizzard hitting the Northeast.  ;)

And if you are interested in participating in future beta releases, please send an email to beta@articulate.com and we will add you to the list!