Replay button on seekbar does not replay

Nov 26, 2013

Hello everyone,

I've run into the following issue in one of my modules: clicking the replay button on the seekbar does not replay the slide. Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

The strange behavior that occurs is different depending on the slide and I can't find a pattern. On some slides, it restarts the slide with doubled audio, on others it doesn't restart the slide at all, and on yet others it restarts with the audio missing.

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Kuriko A

Hi Julia and Dan, 

I had the same issue. My slide was set to 'reset to initial state', but when I hit the replay button on the seekbar, the seekbar would move back to the initial position and 'move through' but the audio wouldn't play. I had a fiddle around with the slide, and when I moved the audio on the timeline to start at 0.025 instead of at 0.000 and republished – for some bizarre reason – this fixed the issue. Problem is when I tried to move it back to 0.000 to replicate the issue again, it didn't occur. So I'm keen to hear if this solution works for you? This was in Storyline 2.  

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