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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rekha,

Are you looking for the slide replay button? There isn't a built in way to do that, although folks have set up a button with a trigger to jump to slide, that particular slide and you'll just want to make sure that the slide properties are set to "reset to initial state" so that the slide restarts.

If you'd like the communities assistance, you'll want to look at posting your .story file which is the file prior to publishing (the one you've been editing). 

Abhijeet Hibare

Hi Julie,

You can insert a replay button in the slide master and add a trigger to it as jump to a particular slie eg replay screen. This screen is a single screen in a scene, which will have a trigger on timeline to jump to previous slide. Since functionality  of storyline for previous slide is to jump to last visited slide...

Hope this solves your problem.