Replay button works intermittently

Feb 27, 2014

I've started building my first Storyline project and have found that when I publish or preview, on some slides, the replay button next to the scrub bar doesn't have any effect on the timeline. It still has its roll-over characteristics, but nothing happens when it's clicked. Is it something I'm doing?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tess and welcome to Heroes!

The functionality of the Replay button is determined by how you've set your slide revisit properties. You'll see a further description of that here:

The behavior of the Rewind button is determined by the “When revisiting” property for each slide. There are three options for this property:

  • Automatically decide: This is the default choice, and it means Storyline will decide automatically whether to rewind the slide or not. Here's the logic: If the slide contains just simple objects and/or audio but no interactivity, Storyline will rewind the slide to the beginning of the slide’s timeline. However, if the slide contains any interactive elements, such as buttons or any other object that includes a visited or selected state, Storyline will not rewind the slide.
  • Resume saved state: This option will always prevent the slide from rewinding.
  • Reset to initial state: This option will always force the slide to rewind.

You may want to look into either changing the revisit properties for all slides, or you could also remove the rewind button/seekbar on a slide by slide basis for those where you don't want the user to be able to rewind (and be confused if they see the button). 

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