replay control bar keeps disappearing

Jul 10, 2015

Over and over, the replay control bar (that has the pause, record and mic buttons) on the bottom left keeps disappearing, have to go to task manager to close the program, can't end the recording, can't pause the recording.  Starts there, and during the screencast randomly and permanently disappears.  You can see in screenshot below, red outline of replay, no control bar....doesn't matter if recording partial screen or full screen.  Haven't even been able to get two min into the screencast.  Thanks---Jeff


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeffrey,

I'm sorry to hear about the odd recording behavior you're seeing - are you trying to record full size or a specific window? You can use the ESC to stop a recording in either of those instances as the buttons do disappear. If you're recording at another size and they're still missing - can you take a look at repairing Storyline as detailed here. 

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