Replay Incorrect Assessment Questions Only

Nov 04, 2019


I am creating an Assessment in Articulate Storyline and uploading it into a SumTotal Learning Management System.

1. We would like for the LMS to only replay questions that are incorrect. I've already enabled this option within Storyline. How do I force this in the LMS?

2. I'm adding the Default Print Report. We would like to only show Incorrect Responses in the Report. I'd also like to remove the Correct Answer column and the points column. How do I code this in the report output form?

Thanks so much!


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Ren Gomez

Hi Darci,

If you've enabled review only incorrect questions in Storyline and have the correct publishing options given to you by SumTotal, the course should run as intended. Have you tried using SCORM Cloud to see if it runs correctly?

I'll leave the default print report up to the community to offer their suggestions with using SumTotal.

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