Replay Issue After Layer is Shown in Standard Interface

Hi everyone-

We are finding a global bug/issue when the following programming steps are taken in a Standard Storyline Interface, including the left navigation, bottom Seekbar controls and navigation controls.

Typically when we develop an eLearning course, the screen has a Sound inserted into the main timeline in Storyline.

On the main timeline, we have buttons that are programmed to Show layer: Popup.

On certain screens, we have popups that contain their own embedded sounds.

Each popup has a close button that is triggered to Hide Layer: This Layer.


In summary, our issue is: Once opening a popup, or showing any layer that pauses the main timeline, with all settings exhausted, including pause main timeline, reset to initial state, automatically decide, saved state, nothing is working to program this using a show layer format.


The replay button on the standard interface controller, at this point will not replay the audio.


We have this housed on our web server below, and are looking for any insights that can be provided for addressing this:


Thank you in advance,

Garrett Metz


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Garrett,

I was able to find an active bug that's almost identical to this and there is a fix already in the works. However, the difference is that the fix seems to be specific to HTML5 content and the one you provided appears to be Flash. 

I took a look and I see what's happening here. When you open the additional layer and return to the main layer, the audio does continue where it left off. Refreshing/Replaying the slide does not seem to start the audio over or play any audio. 

I tested this in a few browsers, just to be safe - this happens for me in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

I did notice that if you click on "Pause" and then "Play" again, after restarting the slide, the audio does start again. 

Are you able to share the .STORY file for the example you linked in your post? I'd like to take a look, if I may.

Thank you!

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Garrett!

Well, I have some good news for you this morning - hopefully this will do the trick on your end.

First, I downloaded the file and took a look around, but I didn't see anything strange. However, I decided to preview the project - the same thing happens in preview, so this is not specific to published output or format. 

I decided to take a look at how the audio is loading with the timeline. I tested with a trigger set to play the media when the timeline starts - this seems to have fixed the problem for me. I can open the new layer multiple times and use the "Replay" option on the timeline and the audio for the base layer seems to be playing just fine now.

I'm attaching the modified file, just in case you want to see the changes I've made. 

Here's the published + uploaded version:

Testing for Garrett

Let me know if this works for you.

Thanks! :)

Garrett Metz

Hi Christine-

Thank you so much for taking the time to test this!

Triggering the media to play at timeline start, we have found to work at first, however, this throws off the animation timing to the audio when the user touches the Seekbar, which is another serious issue. We cannot have broken animations in our courses. The replay button does then reload the screen, and the trigger tells the audio to play, but the seekbar is then at that point, not working properly.

We opened a case with articulate and they have informed me that the status of this is Critical, for what that is worth.

We hope this is addressed in update 5.

Thank you again for your efforts!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Garrett,

Shoot - sorry to hear that! I had hoped that method was one that would be perfect for your project. To be honest, I hadn't noticed the animations or timing.

I'm glad to hear that our support engineers were able to communicate with you regarding this issue. 

Hopefully we'll see more information on this issue in the future. 

In the meantime, if you're able to find any additional workarounds, please share!

Have a great day, Garrett :)