Replay Landing Slide?


I would like the learner to have the option of replaying the first slide of the module.  Unfortunately, when replay is selected (restart course trigger added to replay button image), it only restarts the audio and the slide is blank. I have already tried adjusting the "when revisiting" options - No luck.  Also, I don't want the seekbar to show. 

Any suggestions?



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Sean Jackson

Hi Wendy-

  • Storyline 360
  • Audio, Text, and Images
  • I have attached a replay button, triggered with restart course (only want the 1st screen to replay - in case someone missed the intro audio) 
  • Preview, Ariculate Review, and Published Version - the issue is present in all 3 instances

I've attached a redacted sample of the .story file.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sean

I've downloaded your file and taken a look in preview and published to Review I'm not having an issue.  The slide plays, I click replay I hear the audio again and all the text/buttons appear on screen.

Peek of preview   and here is the review link

I using Chrome - could it be a browser issue?

Sean Jackson

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your help!  The issue occurs when you go to the next slide, go back to the menu and then replay.  If I change the revisit options, then it will replay every time someone goes back to the menu and the states reset.  I'm using chrome, too.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Sean

I didn't see that mentioned in your post that it wasn't working on previous click.

Try this.  I would remove the triggers changing to visited state - as this is a built in function of SL - it knows automatically what to do.  Not that your states of Normal and Visited are visually different.  Also change the revisit option on the slide to 'resume saved state'.  It's working for me when I make those changes.