Replay layer - audio issue

I always try to see what posts on my topic are out there, and I got halfway thru my problem but not the whole way!

I have a slide with two layers, each with audio.  I want the learner to be able to click each of them more than once and have the audio and animations play.  I followed an earlier post that said to change to change each layers slide properties to hide when the timeline finishes.  I also put a transparent bock on the layers so the learner can't 'mess things up' by trying to click the other layer while one is paying.  But I can't get the audio to replay, only the graphics and animation.  I have attached the slide to this post.

I thought this would be a simple slide, but it is becoming more complex than I thought it should!

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Gordon UBS Lam

Thanks Michael.  Your solution seems to work.  In fact it loks like by adding that trigger I can remove the slide properties chnage to hide when the timeline finishes, so that makes te slide work cleaner.  I have to pound on it a bit to see how it holds up, but at first run I it's all good. .