Replay Video with Interactions

I have an interactive video session with pop up question mark icons as the video plays through that a Learner can click on. When you click on a question mark icon as it appears, it opens a Lightbox pop-up. On the first run through, it behaves the way I want it too.  However, when I Replay the video, I still want the interaction to appear on every view of the video.


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Raquel Meyer

The issue here is that you are restarting the video, but not the timeline so the icons will not appear again. What you need to do is set the slide to "Reset to Inital State" and have the replay button move to a new slide (make this slide look exactly like your video slide, maybe with a picture of the first frame of your video, that way the learner doesn't know they moved to a new slide). Then set the timeline of the new slide to the shortest amount and set a trigger to move to the slide with the video when the timeline ends. If you want the video to start right away and for them not to see the play button, you can use a true/false variable and some triggers.

To the user it won't look like anything happened other than the slide restarting. 

Also side note, I might suggest adding a transparent object within your play button state. Currently, if you click right on the play icon within your shape, it doesn't do anything. If you have a transparent shape over the play icon hole, then they can click there but they won't see the extra shape in there.