Replaying a webobject (animation created in Adobe Animate)

Nov 16, 2018

Hi, I'm looking for a way to replay a webobject animation created in Adobe Animate triggered from within my storyline project. When the animation concludes it stops on the last frame. What I want is for it to return to the first frame when a button is clicked within the slide. I've tried refreshing the slide but whilst the slide refreshes, the webobject remains on the last frame. From what I've seen online I imagine that the answer lies somewhere in adding a javascript trigger to my articulate button - but what that would be I have no idea. I wondered if anybody out there might have faced a similar issue and if so how had they overcome it?

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Ian Smith

Hi Daniel, thanks for your response. Yes, I've tried that, but still no joy which is what makes me wonder if it requires a javascript solution. If you carry on through the course then return to the slide with the webobject on it - for some reason it does refresh then - I just can't get it to do it while I'm on the actual slide.

Daniel Servan

By the way, there is no trigger to control the web object from Storyline. What I did to refresh the animation is by closing the layer and load the layer again and the animation starts from the beginning.

If you are using Flash Animation, then why not add a Refresh button within the animation when the animation is completed.

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